About the Space

Lazarus Building


The Ohio State University Urban Arts Space challenges our ways of thinking about the performing and visual arts and their role in everyday life through conversation, art-making, and experimentation. Urban Arts Space encourages transformative experiences that expand worldviews, offers hands-on practical knowledge in the arts and education, and enables new career skills to reflect an entrepreneurial culture.


Located in the heart of downtown Columbus, the OSU Urban Arts Space joins the university with the state of Ohio and the world, functioning as an arts laboratory for Ohio State faculty and community artists and serving as a professional launching pad for Ohio State students.


OSU Urban Arts Space is a part of the revitalization of downtown Columbus, located in the "heart," between the Columbus Commons park and the Scioto Mile.  A 10,000 square foot exhibition and non-traditional performance space, the Space welcomes over 35,000 patrons a year.

At the start of the new millennium, The Ohio State University's arts units began to explore ways in which they could better prepare students, especially those in art, design, and art education for their chosen careers as artists, designers, and arts administrators, while forging a link to downtown Columbus.

OSU Urban Arts Space is part of the Arts Initiative, which is embedded in the interdisciplinary core and curricular programming in the College of Arts and Sciences.  As one of multiple gallery spaces, OSU Urban Arts Space focuses on supporting co-curricular activity and community partnerships.  Critical to our success is the partnership between the OSU Urban Arts Space and faculty from the Arts and Humanities.  It is this partnership that allows the Space to carry out its mission of teaching, experimentation, exhibition, and community engagement.

As part of OSU Urban Arts Space's organizational structure, two committees steer the activities and everyday happenings of the Space: the Community Partners Group and the Project Committee.  The Community Partners Group serves as the advocacy coalition for the Space and is comprised of representatives from the arts community and those involved with downtown revitalization.  Each year the Project Committee, made up of faculty, staff, students and representatives from community arts organizations, meet and select proposals and help plan exhibitions and related programs for the upcoming year.