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Exhibiting at Urban Arts Space

Urban Arts Space welcomes proposals for exhibitions, collections, installations, residencies, and performances.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to consider how the proposed project is compatible with the Space's mission to challenge our ways of thinking about the performing and visual arts, and to explore opportunities for community partnerships, outreach and related public programming. 

We are not currently accepting Exhibition Proposals. Check back soon for the openings. Always availible are the online application, Exhibitor Guidelines and Urban Arts Space Floorplan.




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OSU Spring 2015 Art Education Core 
2014 Summer Camp lesson Plans


This opportunity is for the BAE core graduating in Spring 2015. Lesson Plan should include desired outcomes which will include goals, understandings, and essential questions. What will these students know and what will they be able to do after attending this camp? Lesson plan should also include how you will assess efficacy and performance such as journals, worksheets and reviews. The last portion of the lesson plan should be your learning plan. This should include activities and how you will cater to different kinds of learners while keeping the group engaged. This should be submitted in the form of a word document. 



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