Working at the Space

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Creative minds needed! Urban Arts Space is looking for self-motivated, passionate students to join our teams.

**We Are Looking for High School Interns**

Read more about these positions including the desired qualifications here. **Note: You MUST be a current student to apply to these roles.**

Who We Want

At Urban Arts Space we seek students and volunteers who are interested in making a meaningful contribution to our mission. As a bustling center, all team members are expected to work well independently, take initiative, and be ready to learn and take direction. Most importantly, applicants should be passionate about fostering the arts and humanities...but you don't have to be an 'artist' to apply! Any high school, undergraduate, or graduate student is encouraged to apply for a position at the Space. You do not need to be a student to volunteer!

What We Offer

Urban Arts Space offers many varied roles that provide hands-on, real job experience to students in their area of interest. Every position here is vital to gallery operations as we are a primarily student-led gallery with a small team of permanent staff members on hand to lend guidance and make bigger decisions. Jobs are project-oriented with varying focuses such as Accessibility, Design, Education, Exhibitions, Human Resources, Professional Writing, Program and Event planning, Operations, Photography and Video, and Social Media. For a full description and desired qualifications for each role, visit the Positions page.

In addition to individual focus areas, all student employees, interns and volunteers are expected to be familiar with the general operations and responsibilities of the Space. This includes gallery reception and monitoring, serving as docents for exhibitions, program and event set up and management, and basic customer service duties.

Hours are flexible and depend on assignments, but interested applicants need to be available to work during regular gallery hours (Tuesday through Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm with extended hours on Thursdays until 8 pm) as well as some evening and weekend hours for events and programs.

Learn which type of position at the Space is right for you:

Student Assistants

Current college students work as part of our teams and assist in the day-to-day operations of the Space as paid Student Assistants. The projects they complete can be directly related to their majors, or to extracurricular activities and outside interests. Applicants must be currently enrolled as college or university students (which can include non-OSU), and should be prepared to submit portfolios or work samples with their applications.


Urban Arts Space loves their volunteers! Whether students looking to build resumes, or members of the community, these team members can work for as many or as few hours as they would like. Volunteers gain exposure to the workings of a unique arts space while completing projects tailored to their interests, with few limiting obligations.

Volunteer applications are accepted at all times (following standard Job Application process). We keep all applications on file, and will contact applicants with the required skills, interests, and availability when opportunities open up.


Students often begin at the Space as interns, completing team-oriented projects based on their interests and abilities and the Space’s needs. Interns serve as official members of the Space’s staff while earning school credit, as required by your academic institution. Ohio State students can receive credit through the university, and non-Ohio State students can receive credit through their respective institutions.

Internships range from 8 to 15 weeks, often coinciding with school terms, and may be repeated. School credits may determine the number of hours per week (usually 4 to 12 hours arranged over 1 to 2 days).

What You Should Expect

Urban Arts Space strives to foster a work culture that is open, fun, creative, and challenging. Our first priority is to provide excellent customer service, so we all work together to create a friendly and welcoming experience for our guests. We pride ourselves on being a team where good ideas can come from anywhere—you will learn skills even outside of your assigned role, as all team members help with all aspects of gallery operations.

Attire while working at the Space is typically business casual, although some work (e.g. painting, installing artwork, cleaning) dictates the need for clothes that can get messy.

As part of our sustainability efforts, Urban Arts Space encourages everyone to ride their bike or the bus to the Space, whether visiting or working here. (OSU students can ride the COTA bus for free with their BuckID; #2 bus runs frequently from campus down High Street to the front of the historic Lazarus Building where we are located.) Parking is available at meters, area surface lots, and various downtown garages.

What You'll Gain

We believe that every student internship and employment opportunity should encourage transformative experiences that expand worldviews, offer hands-on practical experiences in the arts and humanities, and develop new career skills to promote an entrepreneurial culture. Students will experience being a part of the great Urban Arts Space team, professional skill development and work training, and school credit (for internships only).

How to Apply

Those interested in applying for a position should submit an application, cover letter and resume via email to:

Marijn van der Heijden
Deputy Director of Exhibitions and Curatorial Practice

We accept applications for all types of positions on an ongoing basis. If you are a good match with a current opening, we will proceed with the application and selection process. If we don't have an opening that matches your interests and talents, we will retain your resume and application for future openings, or explore whether an opportunity can be tailored for you. Please indicate in your cover letter your expected graduation date as well as the specific type of position you are interested in from those indicated on the Positions page.