Fergus Fellows: Jessika Edgar and Dani Leventhal

Exhibition Date: Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - Saturday, June 1, 2013

Thursday | May 16 | 6 to 8pm

Post-MFA Fergus Fellowship recipients Jessika Edgar and Dani Leventhal will exhibit works created during their residency in the Department of Art at The Ohio State University.

Dani Leventhal presents drawings and a video montage that tie together a loose narrative of an in-progress piece slated for completion in summer 2013. Created in collaboration with Jared Buckhiester, the video observes labor, desire and objectification, creating a tactile experience of the screen.

Jessika Edgar presents ceramic and mixed media works in dynamic installations that take on organism-like forms. The large-scale ceramic pieces produce a sense of textural whimsy, while addressing darker, complex interactions between the human body and contemporary popular culture.

Funded by the John Fergus Family Fund, these annual, internationally competitive fellowships in the Department of Art offer emerging post-MFA artists the opportunity to have a studio, to teach, lecture and exhibit at Ohio State. Their presence and participation in the Department enriches the experience of students in all areas of studio-based practice.