Exhibition Date: Tuesday, October 9, 2012 - Friday, December 14, 2012

Saturday | November 3 | 6 to 8pm

This exhibition presents a group of artists from The Ohio State University Department of Art, past and present. Named for the natural phenomenon in which trunks or branches of trees grow together, Inosculation fosters a dialogue through the pairing of works by current and retired OSU Department of Art faculty and works by alumni of the Department's Master of Fine Arts graduate degree program.

Teaching and mentorship in studio arts shares much with this natural process. Using this natural phenomenon as a metaphor for the creative and personal intersection that occurs between faculty and student, the call for entries process engaged Department faculty to select alumni work that would be shown alongside their own in the exhibition. This process allows faculty to explore the vitality of their work as both a product of a shared experience and as an outcome of continued growth—the circumstances that create the intersection of two artists during a short period of time often form strong bonds that weave together creative, professional and even personal relationships that last years, decades and even a lifetime.


  • Carmel Buckley
  • Malcolm Cochran
  • Alan Crockett
  • Robert Ladislas Derr
  • Ann Hamilton
  • Richard Harned
  • Rebecca Harvey
  • Scot Kaplan
  • Laura Lisbon
  • Charles Massey, Jr.
  • Aspen Mays
  • Jessica Mallios
  • Shane Mecklenburger
  • Tony Mendoza
  • Michael Mercil
  • Ardine Nelson
  • Ken Rinaldo
  • George Rush
  • Suzanne Silver
  • Kate Shannon
  • Todd Slaughter
  • Sergio Soave
  • John Thrasher
  • Steven Thurston
  • Amy Youngs
  • Ryan Agnew
  • Candace Black
  • Bridgette Boyle
  • Jamie Bogle
  • Philip Brou
  • Andy Byers
  • Anthony Castronovo
  • Alison Chism
  • James Davis
  • Daniel Jolliffe
  • Kate Joranson
  • Vesna Jovanovic
  • Ryan Wilson Kelly
  • Chip Kohrman
  • Nate Larson
  • Michael Litzau
  • Andrea Loefke
  • Simon Maberm
  • Melinda McDaniel
  • Kathy L. McGhee
  • Fernando Orellana
  • Liam O'Brien
  • Francis Schanberger
  • Megan Shevenock
  • Joanna Spitzner
  • Brent Sommerhauser


Supported in part by the Bevlyn Simson Fund and Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation Fund