In League

Exhibition Date: Thursday, August 1, 2013 - Saturday, September 14, 2013

Thursday | August 29 | 5 to 7pm

Influences of institutions such as The Ohio State University (OSU) and the Columbus College for Art and Design (CCAD) come from the collective efforts of the faculty at large. Collaboration is essential to the success of these institutions. Despite their geographical proximity and shared purpose, they typically operate independently of one another. This exhibition provides the opportunity to work together in a new a greater capacity. 

In League seeks to unlock the potential of artistic creation through collaboration by partnering OSU and CCAD faculty to exhibit new works within the Urban Arts Space. The pairings cross both institutions and disciplines to challenge individual processes, concepts, mediums and modes of creation. By contributing all strengths and weaknesses the partnership challenges and explores individual and communal development. In League will open a new dialogue between OSU and CCAD, while aiming to build a stronger community through civic collaboration.

Curated by Scott Neal.


Tim Reitenbach (CCAD)
Danielle Julian Norton (CCAD)
Michael Goodson (CCAD)
Matt Flegle (CCAD)
Andrea Myers (CCAD)
Laura Bidwa (CCAD)
Carmel Buckley (OSU)
Suzanne Silver (OSU)
Candace Black (OSU)
Todd Slaughter (OSU)
Jeff Haase (OSU)
John Thrasher (OSU)