Now You SEE Me!

Exhibition Date: Tuesday, June 11, 2013 - Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday | June 15 | 6 to 8pm

Since 2005, Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities (FCBDD) has supported a small studio-based arts program where participants have the opportunity to express themselves through painting, drawing and sculpture. Given the opportunity, these adults who are challenged physically and intellectually create personal works which reflect their interior landscapes and provide a dynamic perspective of their extraordinary capabilities.

Now You SEE Me brings many large-scale paintings by artists from ARC North, West and East facilities. Led by Jacqueline Boyle, arts facilitator for ARC Industries, a division of the FCBDD — 46 artists created the paintings in the exhibition, using adaptive art-making tools as necessary. As these paintings are only a small selection of their repertoire, photo documentation of other works by ARC Industries artists will also be on view in the exhibition.

Participating artists:


  • Robin Horner
  • Tony Johnson
  • Tim Kinard
  • Scott Kirklin
  • Michael Kotasik
  • Christa Markus
  • John Martin
  • Jimmy Matties
  • Marybeth McCrate
  • Catherine Mueller
  • Eva Mujica
  • Adam Pfirsch
  • Vicki and Deb Porchetti 
  • Tim Prenzlin
  • Ron Price
  • Angelina Schnitter
  • William Sherman
  • Scott Shimeall
  • Sasha Spikes
  • Mary Stark
  • Kevin Sullivan
  • Katy Watts
  • Art Williams
  • Rena Wilson
  • Heath Alan Woodruff

Participating Artists:

  • Ebony Baccus
  • Carl Baker
  • Brooke Belding
  • Joel Benis
  • Kelly Boggs
  • Debbie Brown
  • Dan Buban
  • Lisa Burroughs
  • Lorenzo Carson
  • Jerome Carter
  • Joel Carter
  • Bobby Lee Cook
  • Jon Craig
  • Robert Crites
  • Jennifer Curtis
  • Jill Davis
  • Melinda Dillon
  • Mike Flynn
  • Jason Ford
  • Michelle Harrigill
  • Kim Hatfield
  • Donna Heflin
  • Melody Holloway

Click here to watch an artist interview with Ron Price on Youtube

Click here to watch an artist interview with Michelle Harrigill on Youtube