Third Eye

Exhibition Date: Friday, January 7, 2011 - Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday | January 28 | 5 to 7pm
City Center presents Third Eye, a collection of artwork from ten Columbus-based artists who question, revolt against and embrace photography’s impact on the perception of contemporary culture. Through exploring the constructs and limitations of photography, the artists reveal its capacity to illustrate the relationship between artist, subject and viewer.

Several works demonstrate the lens’s capability to skew and enlighten perception and memory; others analyze lifestyle issues, challenging the viewer to question traditional constructs of the self.
The diversity in aesthetic approaches and conceptual intents construct a wide variety of narratives throughout the exhibition. At its core, the objective of Third Eye is to foster new understandings and conversations about contemporary photography.
Third Eye considers the potential of photography as a language. The relocation of human experience into a rigid and rectangular format impacts the narratives within life, but may also facilitate understanding. Aware of these ideas, the participating artists explore the implications of imposing a mechanical nature upon consciousness and the representation of humanity.

The Artists
Pei Yin Chen
Frank Castanien
Evan Eisel
Elina Khachaturyan
Justin Luna
Cameron Sharp
Eric Sherwood*
Clifton Stommel
Miles Tsang
Christopher Von Holle
Curator- Ryan Walters
Curatorial Assistant- Alejandro Bellizzi
*Just before the reception, there will be a special one-time only performance by Eric Sherwood. More details to come.