Time and Place: An International Exhibition of Works on Paper

Exhibition Date: Tuesday, August 14, 2012 - Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friday | September 21 | 5 to 8pm

Recognizing both the Columbus bicentennial and the 20th anniversary of the Sister City program between Columbus, Ohio and Dresden, Germany, this exhibition features works by German and Ohio artists that have participated in the Dresden/Columbus printmaking exchange, a program facilitated by the Ohio Arts Council.

Participating artists have each traveled to and created work in both Ohio and Dresden and have navigated through the distinct cultures of their host cities and countries.  Reflecting upon these experiences and the impact they have had on their creative processes, artists were invited to create prints or other two-dimensional works on paper that address the theme of "Time and Place."

The Time and Place exhibition travels to the OSU Urban Arts Space after its opening run at the Standehaus Gallery in Dresden, Germany, at the invitation of Oberlandesgericht Dresden and its representative Dr. Ruediger Sohnen.  Time and Place will be on view in Dresden from June 4 through July 12, 2012 before it is installed at OSU Urban Arts Space in August.

A two-day symposium and gathering will be hosted by Phoenix Rising Printmaking Cooperative and The Ohio State University Department of Art on Friday, September 21 and Saturday September 22.

Time and Place is curated by Nicholas Hill.


German Artists:
  • Jean Kirsten
  • Tobias Stengel
  • Stephanie Busch
  • Jan Grossman
  • Bernd Hanke
  • Frank Herrmann
  • Kerstein Franke-Gneuβ
  • Jana Morgenstern
  • Claudia Scheffler
  • Udo Haufe
  • Bärbel Voigt
  • Karen Koschnick
  • Detlef Schweiger
  • Angela Hampel
  • Volker Lenkeit
  • Andreas Hegewald
  • Christiane Just
American Artists:
  • Nicholas Hill
  • Wendy Collin Sorin
  • Eliana Saari
  • Kim Vito
  • Stephanie Sypsa
  • Liz Maugans
  • Corrie Slawson
  • Ryan McCullough
  • Claudia Esslinger
  • Phyllis Fannin
  • Larry Collins
  • Andrea Joki
  • Susan Vincent
  • Joan Tallan
  • Susan Squires
  • Debra Fisher
  • Philip von Raabe
  • Bellamy Printz
  • Jen Craun




About the Columbus Bicentennial

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OSU Urban Arts Space is proud to be a part of 200Columbus helping celebrate 200 years of our great city with Time and Place: An International Exhibition of Works on Paper. This bicentennial year will be marked with a year-long line-up of festivals, art, music and educational initiatives that will bring the community together to

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