Tracing Lines

Exhibition Date: Tuesday, January 10, 2012 - Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday | January 28 | 6 to 8pm

On the subject of Infrastructure, author Brian Hayes writes, “the common sights of the built environment—the power lines, water tanks, street lights, manholes, traffic signals, cellular-telephone towers—that we pass by every day and yet seldom really notice... many of us would go out of our way to avoid seeing them.” (1)

Tracing Lines follows power lines and infrastructure within the landscape; these lines are vital to our way of life, yet somehow they remain just outside our conscious focus. This exhibition explores themes of power, communication, energy, mobility, global desire, progress, consumption, and contemporary culture through photographic imagery and other works of art in an attempt to reveal deeper connections and support ongoing dialogue around these subjects.

The Tracing Lines exhibition is multi-faceted, involving photographic works, paintings, and sculptures as well as a collaborative group photographic project, and educational programming.


Artists featured in the exhibition include:
The Center for Land Use Interpretation, Ed Charney, Alexandra Copley, Scott Dooley, cud (John Drury and Robbie Miller), Brian Hayes, John Javins, Courtney Jordan, Diana Kohne, Samantha Laffey, Jeremy Lepisto (courtesy of Traver Gallery), Kimberly McKinnis, Jeremy Oversier, Ralph Prince,  Ed Ruscha (Courtesy of the Rare books and Manuscripts at the OSU Library), Rebecca Rothfus, Nadine Saylor, Hiromi Takizawa, Norwood Viviano and Sarah Lindley, Lynn Whitney and John Williams.

An additional copy of Every Building on the Sunset Strip and other works by Ed Ruscha are available to be viewed and read in the Rare Books and Manuscripts Collection at the OSU Thompson Library.

Curated by Aimee Sones and Jessica Larva and assisted by John Javins

(1) Hayes, Brian. Infrastructure : a field guide to the industrial landscape. New York: W. W. Norton, 2005.


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