2009 MFA Artist: Justin Braun

Justin Braun's Artist Statement

they send roots to all accessible nourishment
they siphon earth's black blood
they cling to lakes and rivers
they whisper lullabies
they sing gunshots
they see themselves from the inside
they breed in waves of chaos
they form land reefs
compiled we are their vision, their cells, their organs, and their systems of circulation
together we build blossoms
of steel of concrete,
with veins pathways and migrations of energy,
together we build blossoms,
of wires and satellites,
with roots and tentacles which reach through radio waves,
together we form the medium of societal blood,
of symbols, of words, of language
with books, bindings, wages, wars, religions and relationships
together we build blossoms,
of vibration
and inside, we resonate

Some of my recent bodies of work are driven conceptually by investigations of comfort and power.
I am interested in the American lifestyle.
                         in who we are and how we work together.
                         in the speed and agility built into this nation.
I am interested in the infrastructures that we build and maintain.
“Our cells are continually removed and replaced, it is the maintenance of pattern and architecture that we call life.” – D. E. Ingber

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