Monthly Anime Adventure: Magical Girls in Anime

Thursday, January 19, 2012 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm

When one thinks of anime, one of the first images that often comes to mind is a colorful young girl in a fluttery skirt spinning around with a magic wand.  In actuality, the "magical girl" genre has been effectively extinct for 20 years.  Join us as we discuss this conundrum and look at the rise of anime's most iconic genres, its contribution to the progression of art and modern youth culture in Japan, its demise, and its anything-but-cute resurrection in the last few years.  You'll probably learn a lot more than you realize from this one!

Free and open to all.

About Monthly Anime Adventure

Monthly Anime Adventure is a series of talks, discussions and multimedia events all centered on Japanese animation.  The meetings will be as entertaining as they are informative.  Whether you have a passing interest in Animation or Japanese pop-culture or you’re a hard core otaku, these features will be fun and enriching to you!  The Monthly Anime Adventure is produced by the staff of Anime Punch, an annual Anime Convention hosted in the Columbus dedicated to a “college level” exploration of Japanese animation.