Hybrid Arts Lab application

Hybrid Arts Lab showcases collaborative and experimental exhibitions, performances, discussions, and research by arts students, faculty, and staff in the College of Arts and Sciences. Art makers and researchers are invited to explore new ways of integrating and circulating their creative activity, teaching, and research utilizing the associated venues

Hybrid Arts Lab encourages collaboration, experimental approaches to artmaking, and an inclination toward asking big questions that ignite thoughtful conversations. The programming series is open to proposals from faculty, staff and students in the departments of Art, AAEP, ACCAD, Dance, Design, History of Art, Music and Theatre at The Ohio State University. While solo applications will be considered, applicants are encouraged to collaborate across program areas to create and experiment with their creative practice.

Selected projects will be featured January 11—May 9, 2021 across Hopkins Hall GalleryUrban Arts Space, and UAS online

Application Deadline: Sunday, December 6


Affiliated Department(s)

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Preferred Venue
  • Hopkins Hall Gallery can support alternative instruction, exhibitions, rehearsals, alternative performances, and serve as a production space for virtual programs.
  • Urban Arts Space can support alternative instruction, critiques, exhibitions, rehearsals, alternative performances, and serve as a production space for virtual programs.
  • UAS online can support online exhibitions, webinars, editorials, live or pre-recorded performances, events, discussions or arts activities (with production assistance from UAS staff)

If applicable, you may submit a full proposal or image/video/mood board/audio of what your proposal entails. Maximum file size is 5MB. If your file is larger than that (ex. a video file), submit a placeholder file here and email us at uas@osu.edu. 

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All participating students, faculty, and staff will be expected to adhere to Ohio State's Safe and Healthy Buckeyes guidelines. These include (but are not limited to): 

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If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about your proposal or about this web form, please contact Emily Oilar at oilar.1@osu.edu.