Gallery Etiquette Guide


This guide will help you to prepare for your family or classroom trip to Urban Arts Space. It includes a detailed description of our gallery etiquette as well as suggestions to make your visit more meaningful. Please take some time to read over this guide and become familiar with our gallery etiquette to ensure that you have the best gallery experience possible. Please feel free to download this guide to share!

Urban Arts Space Gallery Etiquette

1. Use gallery voices. Art invokes conversations, but please speak quietly and be respectful of other visitors in the gallery.

2. Ask us questions! There are no bad questions and our staff is happy to assist you with any inquiries. 

3. Respect the gallery space and artwork. Please do not touch, move, or climb on any of the artwork. Interactive artwork will have a sign encouraging you to do so.

4. Use "walking feet". Take the time to enjoy the artwork, running will put yourself, other patrons, and the art in danger.

5. Write only with pencil. When sketching or taking notes in the gallery use a pencil, all other writing utensils are not allowed for the safety of the artwork.

6. Check your bag. Backpacks, umbrellas, and large bags should be checked at the front desk area. 

7. No flash photography. Photography is allowed and encouraged, but your flash can be potentially damaging to artwork and we ask that the flash is off before taking any pictures.

8. No food or drink in the gallery. Please finish your food and drink outside the gallery space or check it at the front desk with your bag.

9. Enjoy your visit!



Gallery Etiquette Guide.pdf