BIGG: Breakthrough Ideas in Global Glass. Sponsored by Steuben Glass

Friday, July 10, 2009 - 11:00am to Saturday, October 10, 2009 - 6:00pm
Urban Arts Space


Friday | July 10 | 5 to 7pm

BIGG: Breakthrough Ideas in Global Glass is a dynamic collaboration among The Ohio State University Department of Art's Glass Program, OSU Urban Arts Space and Hawk Galleries. This exhibition is sponsored by Steuben Glass. 

Together we will discover and introduce to the public a select group of artists with a conceptual and working engagement in glass. These artists will have completed their formal training in art beyond the baccalaureate (MFA or equivalent) since the beginning of the new millennium. This collaboration demonstrates a commitment to advancing new and innovative glass art worldwide. Through an international juried selection process and critical writing about work in the field, we intend to expand the discourse about glass art globally.

The exhibition will be presented from July 10th through October 10th, 2009 at the OSU Urban Arts Space and Hawk Galleries in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Afterward, select works from the BIGG exhibition will travel to SOFA Chicago 2009 on exhibit November 5th through the 8th.

To read a review on BIGG by Kaizaad Kotwal for The Columbus Dispatch click here

Artists selected for the 2009 BIGG: Breakthrough Ideas in Global Glass are:

Veronika Beckh, OSU Urban Arts Space
Berlin, Germany

Laura Birdsall, Hawk Galleries 
North Yorkshire, UK 

Christopher Bohach, OSU Urban Arts Space 
Lexington, KY, USA  

Bridget Boss, OSU Urban Arts Space 
Greenwood Lake, NY, USA 

William Breitbart, OSU Urban Arts Space
Madison, WI, USA 

Sabrina Cant, OSU Urban Arts Space
Middlesex, UK

Hyunsung Cho*,  Hawk Galleries
Carbondale, IL, USA

Eun-Suh Choi, Hawk Galleries
Rochester, NY, USA

Michael Crowder, Hawk Galleries
Houston, TX, USA

Vanessa Cutler*, OSU Urban Arts Space and Hawk Galleries
Southsea, Hampshire, UK 

Scott Darlington, OSU Urban Arts Space
Bowling Green, OH, USA

Steven Durow*,  OSU Urban Arts Space
New Orleans, LA, USA

Robert Geyer, OSU Urban Arts Space
Calgary Alberta, Canada 

Darren Goodman, OSU Urban Arts Space
Waynesville, OH, USA

Charlotte Hughes-Martin, Hawk Galleries
Stourbridge, West Midlands, England

Johanna Jansson, Hawk Galleries
Stockholm, Sweden

Ditte Johansson, OSU Urban Arts Space
Gothenburg, Sweden 

Ben Johnson*, OSU Urban Arts Space
Cicero, IN, USA 

John Kiley*, OSU Urban Arts Space
Seattle, WA, USA 

Sungsoo Kim*,  Hawk Galleries
Danville, KY, USA 

Andrew Kosorok, OSU Urban Arts Space
Provo, UT, USA 

Helen Lee, OSU Urban Arts Space
Oakland, CA, USA

Einav Mekori, OSU Urban Arts Space
Tel-Aviv, Israel 

Stine Mikkelsen, OSU Urban Arts Space
Copenhagen, Denmark

Martie Negri*, OSU Urban Arts Space
Mamaroneck, NY, USA

Quincy Neri, OSU Urban Arts Space
Madison, WI, USA

Andrew Newbold, OSU Urban Arts Space
Ravenna, OH, USA 

Yuka Otani, OSU Urban Arts Space
New York, NY, USA

Elizabeth Perkins, OSU Urban Arts Space
Richmond, VA, USA

Richard Price*, Hawk Galleries
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Karen Reid*, OSU Urban Arts Space
Dalton, PA, USA

Marie Retpen,  Hawk Galleries
Hoejbjerg, Denmark

Kait Rhoads, OSU Urban Arts Space
Seattle, WA, USA

Mielle Riggie, OSU Urban Arts Space
Seattle, WA, USA

Amy Rueffert*, OSU Urban Arts
Urbana, IL, USA

Debra Ruzinsky, Hawk Galleries
Pittsford, NY, USA

Charlotte Sale, Hawk Galleries
Banstead, Surrey, UK

Nadine Saylor, OSU Urban Arts Space
Bowling Green, OH, USA

Erika Tada, OSU Urban Arts Space
West Henrietta, NY, USA 

Hiromi Takizawa, OSU Urban Arts Space
Richmond, VA, USA

Martin Thaulow, OSU Urban Arts Space
Bornholm, Denmark

Suzannah Vaughan, Hawk Galleries
Salthill, Galway, Republic of Ireland

Christopher and Sarah Watts, OSU Urban Arts Space
Boston, MA, USA

*These 10 artists were selected by the Jury as the 2009 BIGG Best in Show exhibitors: Hyunsung Cho, Vanessa Cutler, Steven Durow, Ben Johnson, John Kiley, Sungsoo Kim, Martie Negri, Richard Price, Karen Reid, and Amy Rueffert. Each artist is awarded a $1,000 travel stipend to attend the opening reception


Awards valuing more than $100,000 will be presented to accepted artists as determined by juror selection. Award assignments will be made after the installation of artwork. Award recipients will be notified before the opening reception.

Awards will include:

- Up to ten (10) artists will be awarded a $1,000 travel stipend to attend the opening reception on July 10th, 2009.

- A number of artists will be selected for representation by Hawk Galleries at the 2009 SOFA Chicago.

- One artist will be invited for a year-long OSU Department of Art Post-MFA Fellowship.

- Selected artists will be eligble for Steuben Glass Residency Fellowships.


- Lino Tagliapietra , Italian glass Maestro

Tagliapietra: "It has been a great experience to work with Tina Oldknow and Tom Hawk, reviewing all the works from young artists. It was very easy to become absorbed into this wonderful world of the young, full of energy and creativity. This task has given me hope in the future of glass art in the U.S."

- Tina Oldknow, Curator of Modern Glass, Corning Museum of Glass

Oldknow: "Congratulations to all of the artists who are part of the BIGG exhibition. I hope that this is the first of an ongoing series of shows that recognizes young and or lesser-known artists. The work in this show represents some of the important new directions that are being taken in glass. I am impressed by the freshness of the work and by the professionalism of the participating artists."

- Tom Hawk, Director, Hawk Galleries

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