Calls for Entries


The Arts Initiative galleries, open calls for entries

Hopkins Hall Gallery Summer Series
is a perfomance and installation space open to Ohio State Universirty students, faculty, staff, and alumni for week-long exhibitions in May, June and July, 2017.
A call for proposals for summer 2017 is open now through March 13, 2017 at 5 pm.
Please visit the Hopkins Hall Gallery Summer Series weblink for more information and to complete the application form.
is a traditional gallery space open to emerging artists residing in the state of Ohio from May - July, 2017. 
A call for proposals for summer 2017 is open now through March 13, 2017 at 5 pm.
Please visit the City Center Gallery weblink for more information and to complete the application form.



The Arts Initiative welcomes proposals for exhibitions, collections, installations, residencies, and performances at Urban Arts Space and Hopkins Hall Gallery durring an open call for entries.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to consider how the proposed project is compatible with The Arts Initiative's mission to challenge ways of thinking about the performing and visual arts, and to explore opportunities for community partnerships, outreach and related public programming. The Arts Initiative accepts exhibition proposals in two general categories: Proposals from independent artists and proposals for curated group and/or themed exhibitions. Each open call proposal submission requires a detailed budget. 

Since July 2008, exhibitions at Urban Arts Space and Hopkins Hall Gallery have been determined and recommended by the Projects and Exhibitions Advisory Committee which meets every 12-18 months to review proposals for exhibitions. The committee members score independently of each other, return the scores, and meet to make final recommendations on the highest ranking proposals for an exhibition at Urban Arts Space or Hopkins Hall Gallery. The Projects and Exhibitions Advisory Committee is made up of community leaders and Ohio State University faculty. 

To serve our mission, through ongoing conversation with the university's academic units, slots are held and allotted to help fulfill needs of the arts curricular units and the committee recommendations are fit in around those curricular requirement exhibitions that utilize Urban Arts Space and Hopkins Hall Gallery on an annual, bi-annual or three year rotation. Typically there are openings for 4-6 exhibitions and/or projects that are solicited through an open call for entries. 

Each exhibition, curricular, or one drawn from the open call for entries, is offered the same resources. These typically include a press release, design services, web support, grant co-authoring, coordination of reception, and installation costs and resources. In addition, each exhibition or academic unit makes a determination to take advantage of resources The Arts Initiative offers. It is the expectation that the proposers bring external resources and funding to produce their project or exhibition (NEA grants, OAC and GCAC grants, department resources, corporate funding, donor funding, or college or divisional grants). Without a commitment of external funding, projects may not be fully realized.

Anyone interested in exhibiting at Urban Arts Space, City Center Gallery, or Hopkins Hall Gallery is encouraged to review our Exhibitor Guidelines.