Kameron Caminiti

Photo of Kameron Caminiti with facial hair wearing a blue hat and blue shirt

Kameron Caminiti

Art Education and Program Team Intern



  • Major: Art Education

Kameron is interested in anything abstract or abnormal: paintings, movies, music, performances, etc. He says it is art that will have infinite interpretations and meanings to every viewer. You can feel something new, or see something new, each time you look at it, and he doesn't think he would ever tire of finding new ways to make abstract works.

As an Art Education and Program Team intern, Kameron's favorite thing he's done at UAS is collaborating with and painting the mural for the African American & African Studies Community Extension Center in Columbus.

In his free time, Kameron likes to paint and write (sometimes free writing and sometimes music) and he is passionate about painting, sculpture, and music...as well as food...food is a big passion.

Kameron recommends that you look at the world in weird and abstract ways. He says sometimes our lived experiences can be repetitive and routine, but if you can find new ways to approach each day then you will have new experiences that can help mold new routines that can break up the monotony. You never know what you can find.