Frances Cheung

Picture of Frances Cheung

Frances Cheung

Education & Programming + Exhibitions Intern


  • Major: Psychology
  • Minors: Art History and Design Thinking

Frances is a recent graduate who loves all types of art mediums. In terms of visual art, she enjoys classical art, specifically the Renaissance and Baroque eras of oil painting. She also likes character design and graphic design, watercolor, and colored pencils, and she has recently been getting into paper art.

In her free time, she likes to read or watch a new TV show with her sisters. She also enjoys thrifting for new clothes and cooking. Frances is passionate about creating art and art education, specifically making art accessible to others. She wants to be an art teacher of some sort because she's also passionate about motivating those with creative minds to pursue their dreams in the art field. She tries not to live her life with too many regrets and believes that every mistake we make is an opportunity to grow.