Jeremy Stone

Exhibitions Coordinator and Senior Preparator

Jeremy began working at Urban Arts Space in 2010 as a student assistant on the exhibitions team. Over the course of six years, he continued to develop his skills and expertise, growing into his current position by 2016. In this role Jeremy works with students, artists, faculty and curators to help plan and execute exhibition installation. He also supervises student exhibition assistants and temporary preparators from the beginning stages of planning exhibitions to full fabrication and preparation of the gallery space. One of Jeremy’s favorite parts about his job is working with young and emerging artists on their final shows. When Jeremy isn’t in the office or setting up for the next exhibition, you can find him reading old sci-fi novels, working in his vegetable garden in the summer or visiting old thrift stores and antique shops.

Jeremy recommends trying new things and making a conscious effort to step out of your comfort zone to do or try something you may never have before.

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, The Ohio State University

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