Super-Alter Ego Art Camp: Taking Art to New Heights!

This free camp was created by former Education Coordinator, Brittany Schwarck for children in 3rd to 5th grade. Campers participated in an in-depth investigation of multiple aspects of superhero culture, including the meaning and responsibility of power, alter egos, side-kicks, villains and origin stories! With the assistance of visiting comic book artist Jack Ciolli, campers were able to write and illustrate their own comic books in just 4 days! The camp concluded with a mini-reception in which each camper dressed as their super alter ego and shared their hard work with friends and family. 

Brittany Schwarck had the opportunity to present her lesson plans for Super Alter-Ego Camp, and the lessons she learned teaching this camp to two groups at the 2014 National Art Education Association conference. 

Schwarck's NAEA presentation and her lesson plans are below. 

Superhero In Depth Unit Plan.doc
Superhero Unit Plan.pdf