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Amanda Buckeye - "Weight of Secrets"

About the Artist:

I’m an OSU Art and Tech student. Much of my work is based on personal experience and interpretation of said experiences. And yes, my last name is truly Buckeye.




Weight of Secrets

3D Model, 2020

Artwork (Weight of Secrets) by Amanda Buckeye

Artwork (Weight of Secrets) by Amanda Buckeye


A gloved hand stretches from a stack of used notebooks, sketchbooks, and books. Chains made of flowers, origami stars, and metal weigh down the hand and spill over the pile of books onto the floor below. Each chain represents a secret I have come to be a keeper of in my time at OSU, suggesting the general premise of the secret without betraying the trust of the ones who told it to me. This entire piece is a physical embodiment of the mental weight of the secrets.

The hand is modeled and dressed after my own hand. The hand bears the secrets but is not crushed by them, merely contained. The books, notebooks, and sketchbooks below support the hand; they are supposedly filled with ideas and coping mechanisms to bear the secrets’ weight.