Summer Series



Summer Series is a multi-venue program that showcases short- and long-term projects such as gallery exhibitions, performances, audience participatory work, discussions, research demos, and more. This series encourages collaboration, multidisciplinary approaches, and ideas that foster conversations, relationships, or careers, that represent diverse perspectives.


Submit a Proposal

The proposal form for Summer Series 2023 is now closed. 

Each year for Summer Series we consider proposals from applicants who are currently studying, living, or working in the state of Ohio.

We invite you to view the archived works from Summer Series 2021 and 2022, listed below.

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    Featured Projects


    Our one and only hypothesis
    Gabriella Moreno & Sara Hess
    May 31-June 4 | Hopkins Hall Gallery

    Secondary Market
    Reid Donato & Kelly Patrick
    June 5-August 12 | Hopkins Hall Gallery

    Wifi Walks
    James Hartunian
    July 22 & August 5 | Hopkins Hall Gallery

    Kiln Meeting
    OSU Ceramics
    July 26-August 13 | Urban Arts Space

    Religious Soundscapes
    American Religious Sounds Project
    May 24-July 16 | Urban Arts Space

    Tapestry: Narrating a New Thread
    Chineze Okpalaoka, Sydney Summey, Katie Davis, Blizzard Wilcher, Kirsta Niemie Benedetti & Dr. Mary Rodriguez
    August 4-August 27 | Urban Arts Space


    To Be Heard, To Be Seen, To Belong
    OSU Residence Life
    May 17-June 30 | UAS Online

    The Department of Planetary Futures Seed Simulation Laboratory and Mission Nucleus
    Jacklyn Brickman & Kathryn Nusa Logan
    May 24-June 11 | Urban Arts Space

    Willfully Neglected
    Christian Casas & Mona Gazala
    May 24-June 11 | Urban Arts Space

    Britney Wainwright & Loraine Lynn
    May 24-June 4 | Hopkins Hall Gallery

    Seed Simulation Laboratory and Mission Nucleus Performance Series
    Kathryn Nusa Logan, Katherine Moore, Sabine Bahrou, and Jacklyn Brickman 
    June 8, 11, & 12 | Urban Arts Space

    Una Flor En La Memoria
    Christian Casas & Armando Roman
    June 14-25 | Hopkins Hall Gallery

    June 28-July 23 | Urban Arts Space

    A Prolonged Handshake
    Brianna Gluszak & Hannah Parrett
    June 28-July 23 | Urban Arts Space

    I Can See Clearly Now
    Aaron Peters & Lydia Smith
    July 6-July 16 | Hopkins Hall Gallery

    I Can See Clearly Now Workshop Series
    Aaron Peters & Lydia Smith
    July 9 & 16, 2:00 p.m. | Hopkins Hall Gallery

    An Extended Handshake: In Conversation with Michael Mercil
    Brianna Gluszak, Hannah Parrett, & Michael Mercil
    July 14, 5:30 p.m. | Urban Arts Space

    New Work Composed During COVID-19
    Rocco Di Pietro
    July 15-July 30 | UAS Online

    Hold Your Ground
    Benedict Scheuer (He/Him) & Geren Heurtin (She/Her)
    July 26-August 6 | Hopkins Hall Gallery


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