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Using All DIY Paints Together

Blueberry Paint

Tea Paint

Tea Paint Part 2: Creating a Drawing

Turmeric Paint

Turmeric Paint Part 2: Painting a Cat

Remember when we made paint out of turmeric in an earlier video? Now Ally will be showing you how to transform the abstract turmeric painting into a little cat. All you need is your turmeric painting and a pen!


  • pen (markers or sharpies are optional but can be helpful)
  • turmeric paint
  1. Begin by drawing a soft edged upside down triangle for the nose. Color the nose in if you want.
  2. Start at the bottom point of the nose and draw a smile for your cat. Mine is shaped like a banana peel sitting up on the ground and that works well for me!
  3. Now you’ll draw the ears. Make 2 right side up triangles BUT don’t draw the line for base of the triangle.
  4. Now you can add some lines for the ear fluff and give your kitty whiskers.
  5. To make feet, make 2 half circles a little bit apart that open upwards. Draw 3 lines for the toes.
  6. All that’s left to do now is, using irregular shaped lines and patterns make your cat furry if you would like! I like to make “v” shapes and put them in a line but your cat can look however you want and she’ll be awesome.

And now you know how to paint with turmeric and turn that abstract blob of spices into a cute cat!

A painting of a cat created with yellow turmeric paint

Instant Coffee Paint

Instant Coffee Paint Part 2: Creating a Drawing

Video credit: Ally Christopher, Urban Arts Space Engagement Intern.