Artist Interviews


Interviews and talks with artists who are currently exhibiting at UAS/HHG or have recently exhibited work. 

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Autumn 2020 Senior Projects Exhibition: A Conversation with BA and BFA Exhibitors

A conversation with soon-to-be Bachelor of Art and Bachelor of Fine Arts graduates Sarah Schneider, Kaisa Cameron, Kayla Gifford, and Natalie Steigmann-Gall about their works in the BFA and BA Senior Projects Exhibition. Conducted by UAS intern, Genevieve Wagner.


Me/We - The Space Behind Our Eyes: A Conversation About Mental Health

This is a conversation about exposing the reality of on-campus mental health as framed through the recent Me/We exhibition at Urban Arts Space. Discussion with Department of Design professors Jeff Haase and William Nickley; Department of Design graduate student Maya Jenkins, and Urban Arts Space director, Merijn van der Heijden, moderated by Urban Arts Space intern, Genevieve Wagner.


Interview with Jim O'Donnell: Picturing Power & Privilege 

Jim O'Donnell discusses Hybrid Arts Lab: Picturing Power & Privilege with UAS Intern, Genevieve Wagner. 


Interview with Joshua Edmonds: One Voice, One Message 

Joshua Edmonds discusses Hybrid Arts Lab: One Voice, One Message: Black Lives Matter with UAS Intern, Genevieve Wagner. 


Interview with Lori Esposito: Rapid Fire Text

Lori Esposito discusses Hybrid Arts Lab: Rapid Fire Text with UAS Intern, Genevieve Wagner. 


Interview With Matthew Greenburg And Erin Parsons: Tappyness

Matthew Greenburg and Erin Parsons discuss Hybrid Arts Lab: Tappyness with UAS Intern, Genevieve Wagner. 


Interview with Miranda Holmes, Hannah Parrett, Kristen Phipps: If, And, With

Miranda Holmes, Hannah Parrett, Kristen Phipps discuss their summer series exhibition with UAS Intern, Genevieve Wagner.

Interview with Geren Heurtin and Maggie Schmiegelow: Concrete Membranes: An Enduring Gesture 

Geren Heurtin and Maggie Schmiegelow discuss their summer series exhibition with UAS Director, Merijn van der Heijden. 

Layla Muchnik-Benali Interview: waving goodbye (or hello) to the sun

Layla Muchnik-Benali discusses her current exhibition with UAS Intern, Genevieve Wagner. 



More artist interviews and exhibition tours can be found on the Urban Arts Space Vimeo.