Who We Are



Established in 2008, Urban Arts Space is a gallery and reciprocal learning space for students, faculty, and staff of The Ohio State University, as well as the Columbus community at large. Through an extensive and diverse slate of exhibitions, educational programs, outreach, and events Urban Arts Space serves as a community resource and is an integral part of Columbus’s vibrant arts and culture scene. Urban Arts Space also provides direction for Hopkins Hall Gallery, a satellite gallery on Ohio State’s main campus.

All events and exhibitions are always free and open to the public.


To foster inspired experiences in a dynamic creative space for The Ohio State University students, faculty, and staff and the Columbus community through free art exhibitions, arts-focused programs, and educational opportunities.

We encourage open dialogue, creative collaboration, and community engagement through free and diverse programming

We connect The Ohio State University to the Columbus community

We offer free, accessible programming for all ages

We serve as a place for rigorous and hands-on arts experiences to empower Ohio State University students pursuing a career in the arts

We enable Ohio State students to fulfill their curricular requirements and share their creative insights and work

We are a space for Ohio State faculty and educators to share their research and creative work