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Artist Commune


We want Urban Arts Space to be a place where artists and the community could come together to create art, discuss art, and connect with each other. From that idea, we birthed Artist Commune.

Free and open to the public, Artist Commune is a monthly event from Urban Arts Space, with arts activities formed around a different theme each month. Past themes have included live figure drawing, pop-up exhibitions, poetry readings, fashion upcycling, collaging, a downtown photo walk, and hip-hop storytelling. The gathering is typically held on the last Friday of each month from 6:30–8:30 PM, although the dates, times, and locations can vary to adapt to the monthly theme and community collaborators.

Artist Commune is designed for artists looking for an interactive art space, and anyone can create something new or work on their current art pieces. We build each event collaboratively with our team of student art administrators and have had the opportunity to work with other organizations and artists. It’s all about community.

The idea for Artist Commune was also born from a desire to rethink how space is used—when we have an empty gallery, what opportunities are we missing? Or if we have a show, how can we further encourage the community to engage with the work in the space? Artist Commune exists to challenge the dynamic of traditional art museums and gallery spaces, which often are not accessible to everyone. It builds on the strength of the arts: its power to connect people and communities.

Some events feature an intimate group of fifteen artists in attendance; others are a buzzing gathering of over 150. No matter the event theme or your experience level, we hope you’ll come join us to express yourself and connect with others through art. 

Past Events

Ode to Hip-Hop
February 23–24 | Maroon Arts Group

January 27 | Urban Arts Space

Roots & Rhythms
November 14 | The Hale Center

Digital Making in Creative Spaces
October 27 | Hopkins Hall Gallery

Public x Art
September 29 | Urban Arts Space

Word for Thought
August 25 | Urban Arts Space

Fashion Upcycling
July 28 | Urban Arts Space

June 30 | Urban Arts Space

Downtown Photo Walk
May 26 | Urban Arts Space

The Verse
April 28 | Urban Arts Space

Pop-Up Exhibition
March 31 | Urban Arts Space

Artist Critique Workshop
February 25 | Streetlight Guild

Collab, Create, Commune  
February 24 | Urban Arts Space

Artist Commune
November 23 | Urban Arts Space

Artist Commune
August 26 | Urban Arts Space


Contact Merijn van der Heijden at vanderheijden.1@osu.edu for more information.