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Hana Gregg - "Mirror Chandelier"

About the Artist:

I am an artist creating interactive, sculptural works. 




Mirror Chandelier

Sculpture, 2020

Mirror Chandelier by Hana Gregg

Mirror Chandelier by Hana Gregg


I am an artist who creates work that is in some way interactive and kinetic. I enjoy the challenges that come along with interactive artwork, one of the more important ones for me is to find ways to encourage participation. I want viewers to partake naturally and organically without having to explain what their role is. I enjoy watching people discover what part they play in the gallery aside from being a bystander. 

Throughout my process of developing my most recent project, I have been interested in representing sound through light. The final form is a sound-sensitive mirror chandelier. It is a hanging sculpture comprised of many strands of mirrors, each connected in a series to those in the same row. Each row of strands works as a system with a servo motor controlling one end. The servo motors are in turn controlled by a sound level sensor. Whatever sound is happening near the sculpture is picked up by the sound level sensor, this number provides the degree of rotation for the servo motors. I drew inspiration for this project from a few sources, one would be the mirrors that hang from one of my favorite trees in my mom’s garden. It was also greatly inspired by Ed Osborn’s Harvester in which mechanical arms swivel around the space of the gallery, their position dependent on sound within the gallery including sounds generated by their own mechanics.