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Megan Wright - "Worst Enemy"

About the Artist:

I am an Art and Technology major graduating with a BFA. I will be attending graduate school here at OSU under the Design Department furthering my career with the Digital Animation and Interactive Media program.




Worst Enemy

2D Animation, 2020, 1920x1080/2:44

Still image from animation


Worst Enemy is a black and white 2D animation highlighting several of my childhood traumas through a single room within an eerie space. Suspenseful music, harsh truths, and taunting whispers are a few elements that make this piece frightening. The intention is not to replicate the typical horror genre, but to show the specific horror of experiencing an individual’s personal struggles. Rather than using a “smooth” 2D animation style, I utilized a soft fade between actions and scene changes to emulate the overall feeling of watching someone else’s flashbacks. 

Though I have not been able to unpack my traumas from a young age through words, I feel I can express them through my art. Although others may not fully understand what I have faced, I hope through art to express and relieve some of the pain I have been holding for many years.