Sarah Heinsbergen - "Sculptural Assemblage in Ceramic Material"


About the Artist:

Sarah Heinsbergen is an Ohio based artist working in sculpture assemblage in ceramic material. Her work revolves around conceptual ideas of what is artificial/manufactured and what is genuine/authentic, how formal elements and aesthetics are judged when viewing work, and how one can personify themselves inside of this assembled sculpture. She has been involved in a number of group exhibitions across the U.S. and has also attended a residency at Watershed. Recently graduated with her BFA in Ceramics from The Ohio State University in the spring of 2020.”

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My life feels like I’ve missed my alarm and slept in.

Ceramic, 2020, 24” x 18” x 7”

Artwork by Sarah Heinsbergen


Have you ever cried off your mascara? Asking for a friend.

Ceramic, 2020, 20” x 18” x 5”

Artwork by Sarah Heinsbergen


No question about it I am ready to get hurt again.

Ceramic, 2019, 15” x 12” x 8”

Artwork by Sarah Heinsbergen


Sometimes it’s easier to poison the well than to purify the water.

Ceramic, 2019, 14” x 10” x 8”

Artwork by Sarah Heinsbergen


My work is an assemblage of information taken from various ceramic objects. By juxtaposing fragments of objects, I am searching for ways to untangle meaning, as well as to question an understanding of a form or object. Formal elements such as texture, tone, contrast, movement, repetition and composition are at the forefront in every aspect of my sculptures. An important thought in my work is questioning what is artificial/manufactured and what is genuine/authentic. I would like this thought to be able to be picked out in many different moments in my sculptures and have those moments contrasting and be contradicting to one another. My sculptures suggest hints of a subconscious/hidden narrative, which involves the viewer to personify themselves in these sculptures. The personification is of one’s journey that results in a whole person being constructed. The viewer can perceive the accumulation of pieces and parts as every experience, thought, and bit of knowledge that is comprised inside the viewer to produce a specific individual. While some thoughts about this hidden narrative have been made available, the full context is still subconsciously unknown to me, as the artist creating the narrative, and even more so to the viewer.