Skylar Kaplan - "Degradation"


About the Artist:

Skylar Kaplan is an artist originally from Atlanta, Georgia, graduating with a BFA, concentrating in Art and Technology. Most interested in digital mediums of art, such as animation, motion graphics and 3D modeling, Kaplan focuses on topics inspired by the world surrounding her. These topics often pertain to family history, environmental concerns, and psychological inner workings.  Kaplan looks to expand on the capabilities of the digital medium through experimentation to represent her topics of interest.




Digital, 2020, 1239 x 15010

Artwork by Skylar Kaplan


I am interested in how artwork can elicit a response in the viewer. I create art inspired by the world around me, along with the information I gather through my digital research and direct observation. One issue most prevalent right now is the damaging effects on the environment caused by human factors. Our environment is not only essential to our existence, but it is also beautiful. Pollution and damage to the environment often appear as an alternative though an elusive form of beauty. Often the prettier the sunset, the more pollution in the air. I worry about our complicity in that pollution.

Oil leaves behind a rainbow film, both beautiful and disgusting. I want to represent the digital and artistic preservation of the environment. My art represents beauty to reflect the natural environment throughout its lifespan, in realistic three-dimensional renderings artistically preserved and suspended in space. My work also questions human impacts on that same environment I wish to maintain.