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Youji Han - "My Food World"

About the Artist:


Photo of Youji Han

Youji Han grew up as a third culture kid and thus the question of identity is an on-going theme in her work. She explores her inner questions through multiple mediums and formats. She will be getting her BFA in Art and Technology this semester.




My Food World

Augmented Reality, 2020


Artwork by Youji Han

Moving from country to country, I often question where I belong and the longevity of the relationships I have made. I incorporate fragments of my cultural identity in my work, which has helped me develop an understanding of myself as a third-culture kid.

In this work, I have incorporated food to explore my cultural identity. Food not only brings me joy but also gives me insight into specific cultures. Through food, whether it is coming together with others and eating together or cooking together, I get a chance to connect with people from different backgrounds and places. Thus, my relationship with food is joyful and playful.

My Food World (2020), consists of custom augmented reality filters that can be accessed through social media applications. The viewers are introduced to a world of food that displays foods from cultures that I am either directly related to or have encountered in my lifetime. The virtual food sculptures are also illustrated in face filters, which further engages the viewers in my world of food.