Peripheral Vision: A View From Ohio Printmaking Cooperatives

Thursday, August 23, 2012 to Saturday, October 27, 2012
Urban Arts Space


Friday | September 21 | 5 to 8pm

The four Ohio printmaking cooperatives will present an exhibition of "linked" prints visually aligned by a consistent horizon line.

Peripheral Vision features works by artists associated with each of the four independent Ohio printmaking cooperatives: Dayton Printmakers Co-op, Phoenix Rising Printmaking Cooperative (Columbus), Tiger Lily Press (Cincinnati), and Zygote Press (Cleveland).

This diverse body of work is linked by a common visual theme, conjoining each piece from end to end. From this visual continuity comes a sense of community, with a single, composite horizon connecting pieces originated from different corners of Ohio.

Medium of Mystery: Printmaking

Printmaking can be defined, simply, as the process of making artworks by printing— transferring images, usually, but not always, on paper. But no definition can capture the passion printmakers have for their art. Working with heavy equipment (presses), inks and unusual tools often leads to creative experimenting and sharing within the studio. Today's independent printmaking cooperatives provide a home for artists who practice this unique form of visual expression.

The four Ohio print cooperatives represented here were created with a similar mission in mind - to provide well-equipped facilities for print artists, create a supportive environment for the exchange of artistic ideas and to educate the public about printmaking and its intriguing processes. These co-op artists practice the traditional methods, such as etching, lithography, woodcut, linocut, silkscreen, as well as experiment with contemporary techniques, materials and tools.

About the Cooperatives

Dayton Printmakers Cooperative

The Dayton Printmakers Cooperative, a non-profit, was established in 1983, at the Dayton Art Institute. Today, it serves Miami Valley printmakers and artists from a 1,025-square foot loft studio on Keowee Street giving artists an environment in which to pursue their work and further develop their printmaking knowledge. The cooperative is outfitted with presses for Intaglio, Relief and Lithography printing. An adjacent studio houses equipment for Screenprinting and Litho Stone Graining. The Dayton Printmakers take part in workshops, portfolio exchanges and group exhibits, and they collaborate with other printmaking studios across the United States and abroad. The primary mission of the Dayton Printmakers' Cooperative is to provide members with the facility, the opportunity and the stimulus to create, while raising awareness of both traditional and contemporary printmaking throughout the community with their sponsored programs, exhibitions and workshops.

Phoenix Rising Printmaking Cooperative

Phoenix Rising Printmaking Cooperative opened its doors in 1998, in a small storefront on the south side of Columbus. In 2011, the non-profit group moved to a larger and brighter studio space in the city's Discovery District. The new studio features a full bank of windows with northern exposure, two high-quality etching presses, a clamshell relief press and a Vandercrook letterpress. Phoenix Rising remains the only independent printmaking facility in Columbus. Over the years, the cooperative has partnered with the Columbus Museum of Art, the Riffe Gallery and the Ohio Designer Craftsmen to design educational components for programs and exhibitions, and provided professional development opportunities for Columbus City Schools and other central Ohio districts. Phoenix Rising welcomes local artists, students, arts groups and the public to take part in its many classes, workshops, demonstrations, exhibitions and outreach programs. The cooperative offers an internship program and recent graduate opportunities.

Tiger Lily Press

Tiger Lily Press, a fine art printmaking studio, dates back to 1978, when it was housed at the YWCA in Downtown Cincinnati. After several moves, Tiger Lily has grown and now occupies three classrooms in the Dunham Recreation Center's Art Building. It is equipped for the four major printmaking processes - Intaglio, Relief, Screenprinting and Letterpress. Tiger Lily is dedicated to preserving and promoting the art of printmaking for both artists and art enthusiasts through classes, weekly open studio sessions and monthly figure drawing, monoprinting sessions, programs for experienced and emerging printmakers, as well as print exhibitions and sales to the public. Tiger Lily Press strives to be the primary source for printmaking news and information for Cincinnati and surrounding areas through its blog, website, e-mail blasts and social networking, while also maintaining relationships with local universities.

h3>Zygote Press

Established in 1995, Zygote Press occupies 6,500 square feet of an historic building in Cleveland's ArtsQuarter. The facility is equipped for Intaglio, Relief, Screenprinting and Letterpress. Artists who rent studio space or lockers here are given 24-hour access to the facilities. Zygote offers classes in both innovative and traditional techniques of printmaking, and beginners are welcome. It also collaborates with a variety of other non profit institutions through its innovative Press-On-Wheels (POW) and Printmaking Expedition Project (PEP), and runs a successful international exchange program through the Ohio Arts Council. Other programs include a fellowship for graduating printmakers, as well as AIR (Artist in Residency) for a non-print artist to produce a body of work with printmaking. Zygote hosts six exhibitions a year, and operates an archive for housing complete prints by some of the region's most well-received artists.