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Fourth Annual Industrial Design Winter Market

Fourth Annual Industrial Design Winter Market

Welcome to the Fourth Annual Industrial Design Winter Market!

Welcome one and all to the Fourth Annual Industrial Design Winter Market! This webpage is the online companion to an emerging tradition within the Department of Design at Ohio State. At the Winter Market, both on-campus and online, guests have an opportunity to view limited-edition – and in several cases unique – products designed and produced during an Autumn 2021 studio course by third-year students in the industrial design major.

Each of the eight “housewares” products in our Winter Market strike a balance between addressing the needs of potential users, the demands of small-run production, the constraints of a limited budget, and approaches to sustainability.

Winter Market Products will be on sale for a limited time on December 8, 2021, and only on location (from 10am-12pm in front of Hayes Hall on Ohio State's campus). Proceeds from this year’s Winter Market benefit the student-led Ohio State chapter of Industrial Designers Society of America.

How It Works

Preview the Fourth Annual Industrial Design Winter Market products online, then visit our on-campus location to purchase during a limited time window: products will be on sale during our on-campus Winter Market event from 10 am – 12 pm in front of Hayes Hall on Ohio State's main campus on December 8, 2021. In years past, products sell out in mere minutes!

Each product must be purchased separately – a separate checkout and transaction for each product. This is to ensure everyone has a fair chance to purchase at least one product. All purchases must be completed in-person via our online system – we cannot accept cash or other forms of payment in-person.

There will be no shipping options for purchases. All purchases must be picked up during the on-campus Winter Market event. Although discouraged, you may make alternate pickup arrangements by contacting Asst. Prof. William Nickley at nickley.3@osu.edu.

For those products that have multiple variations or colors available, customers will make their selection during pickup on a first come, first served basis.

All sales are final, no refunds. No expressed or implied warranties.

Special Thanks

The student designers (and their Professor) would like to extend a special thanks to six industry professionals – most of them OSU Design alums – who contributed to the development of these products through their participation during studio critiques and/or guest lectures: Robert Mora, Christy Walters, Laura Lenhart, Merijn van der Heijden, Jeremy Stone.


Tee Tote

Designed by Kaitlyn Smith & Sophie Stefanski

Materials: Recycled T-Shirts, denim, and various other used clothing items.

Year: 2021

Product Description: Tee Tote is a reversible, handcrafted tote bag made from upcycled shirts. Versatile and functional, Tee Tote features a zip compartment, two pockets, and a key loop for convenience during everyday use. Designed by students, fabric donated by customers.


Model carrying Tee Tote.
A model looks at the camera while walking and carrying a Tee Tote.
A model places keys into a Tee Tote.
A model opens the Tee Tote.
Several multicolored Tee Totes hang from a tree limb.


Designed by Princess Egbo & Hayley Gregor

Materials: Terrycloth, burlap, quilted cotton and minky fleece.

Year: 2021

Product Description: Scrubbits are handcrafted, versatile, machine-washable scrubbers that slide over your hand like a glove. Scrubbits come in packs of three, each with a special material for a specific cleaning task: a rough, abrasive sponge for cleaning dish grime, a plush terrycloth material to clean and polish glass, and a smooth dishcloth alternative for wiping and drying. Each Scrubbit features an elastic strap to provide stability and comfort – they're way more comfortable than a dishcloth or sponge!


A shot of three different kinds of Scrubbits, and a close-up of a model's hand using a Scrubbit.
A model uses a Scrubbit to clean a glass jar.

Cork Round

Designed by Karam Ramadan & Summer Geissman

Materials: Reclaimed wine corks from a Columbus, OH restaurant, reclaimed hardwood from home construction, wood glue, food safe epoxy, food safe wood stain.

Year: 2021

Product Description: Improvise in your kitchen with Cork Round! It has two purpose-built surfaces: the first is moisture, mold, and heat-resistant cork that can be used as a trivet for dinnerware; the other side is hardwood that can be used as a non-slip cutting board or as a trivet for hot pots, pans, and baking dishes. Wood and cork materials are both recycled from right here in Columbus! Lovingly handcrafted by industrial design students at Ohio State.

Cork Round is available at a couple of different price points/discounts:

  • Regular full price: $60
  • $55 ($5 off if buyer posts product on social media)
  • $50 ($10 off if buyer sends recipe to website)
  • $45 (if buyer does both of the above) 
Cork round
Two Cork Rounds are topped with a spread of vegetables, a knife, and a bowl of soup.

MANU Board

Designed by Madyson Webb & Alex Nonato

Materials: Reclaimed pine wood, wooden dowels, denim, recycled men's performance polos, thread, buckwheat hulls, multiple shades of brown and blue enamel paints, Velcro strips, wood glue, hot glue, and oil-based surface finish.

Year: 2021

Product Description: Welcome to a world of Utility, Comfort, and Beauty. MANU Boards are premium, handcrafted lap desks that furnish a portable working space. Our lap desks allow you to comfortably work anywhere – whether you are on your couch, your bed, outside enjoying the sunshine, or want on-the-go. Your MANU Board comes with a detachable cushion to give you the option of setting it on your lap and take the strain away from a hard surface on your lap. Use the included eye hooks to display your beautiful MANU Board when your work is done!


A front shot of a MANU Board sitting upright.
A model opens a book on top of their MANU Board.
A side shot of a MANU Board sitting open.
A model sits with a laptop on top of their MANU Board.


Designed by Theresa Pham & Matthew Turnquest

Materials: Reclaimed plywood, wood glue, water based wood stain, water based semi-gloss sealant.

Year: 2021

Product Description: Discarded food contributes to over a hundred billion pounds of waste per year, with a substantial portion deriving from forgotten products in the depths of the fridge or cabinet. LAYRS is a versatile shelf stand, which provides a solution to this issue by expanding the visible capacity of your shelves! Handcrafted with reclaimed plywood, LAYRS utilizes fundamental geometric silhouettes to maximize the vertical space in your shelves, perfect for spices, jars, leftovers, and more.


Various jars of ingredients sit on top of a LAYRS shelf stand.
A top view of various ingredients sitting in a LAYRS shelf stand.


A close-up shot of the name LAYRS printed on the wooden shelf.
A close-up shot of ingredients sitting on top of a LAYRS shelf stand.


Designed by Amelia Walker & Karl Ludwig

Materials: Lauan plywood, reclaimed plastic grocery bags, glue.

Year: 2021

Product Description: Checkuterie brings an element of play to your snack! Made with light, sturdy, and food-safe Lauan plywood, and wrapped in a checkerboard made of upcycled grocery bags, Checkuterie is perfect for a quick snack/lunch break. The wooden container provides ample space to store food morsels that double as pieces for a board-game – who says you can't play with your food?! Checkuterie is designed and lovingly handcrafted by students at Ohio State.


A shot of the Checkuterie board container.



Designed by Annie Roo & Mylo Johnson

Materials: Reclaimed denim and fabric, epoxy resin, suede.

Year: 2021

Product Description: LAMBDΛ. An assorted collection of hangers, hand-crafted from micarta – made from layered cloth and denim to create a strong and durable material.

The micarta in LAMBDΛ hangers is made from discarded and old fabrics that would otherwise end up in landfills just like the other 7-14 million tons that Americans throw away each year. Your LAMBDΛ hanger purchase gives these fabrics a new life as clothes hangers.

Meticulously handcrafted and designed, these luxury hangers are the perfect display piece to compliment your clothes that demand attention and special care. Emphasize your style. Show off your fashion sense.

LAMDA is available in the following different styles and price points:

  • Lambda Clothes hanger: $25
  • Gamma hat + scarf hanger: $20
  • Pi Trouser hanger: $15
  • Lambda (Shirt) and Pi (Trouser) combo: $30
  • Lambda Clothes hanger pack of 3: $60
  • Variety pack (shirt, trouser, hat+scarf): $50
Three Lambda hangers hang in a closet.
Two Lambda hangers hang in a closet.
Lambda hangers hang in a closet holding a shirt and bags.


Designed by Erika Strazinsky, Sam Gaerke & Annie Waugh

Materials: Reclaimed bike inner tube, reclaimed bike derailleur, Flex Seal.

Year: 2021

Product Description: When installation of traditional door locks isn't an option, or you just want an extra layer of privacy, Latch is the solution! Made from repurposed bike steel and inner tubes, Latch is an easy-to-use portable door lock with its very own storage pouch. Latch is perfect for those who are staying at Air BNB's or renting an apartment. With Latch, give the gift of security through sustainability this holiday season.


The Latch storage pouch hangs on a doorknob with the door lock inside.
A shot of the Latch storage pouch and door lock.
A model pulls the Latch door lock out of its storage pouch.

Learn More

To learn more about the Winter Market, view our interview with the Winter Market collaborators or explore Performance of Making: Winter Marketa collection of short videos that illuminate hidden potential in materials and processes that informed and inspired the collaborators' final Winter Market designs. Both pieces of media are from the Third Annual Industrial Design Winter Market in 2020.


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