614Now: Event Highlight: Paging Columbus – Fractures & Scars

August 11, 2016
Paging Columbus: Fractures and Scars

Urban Arts Space was recently featured in "Event Highlight: Paging Columbus – Fractures & Scars" from 614Now's Arts & Culture section.

“If you’ve been feeling brittle or broken, weary or small, stretched thin or sore, fret not: you are not alone.” Reads Hannah Stephenson’s call to arms for Paging Columbus, a monthly reading series out of the OSU Urban Arts Space.

The readings are intimate and warm, giving you time and space to digest their seasoned writers & performers work. For their Fractures & Scars edition, you’ll hear the work of four writers—Will Evans, Nicole Butler, Kathy Fagan, and their own David Winter. This will be his last Paging Columbus, before he heads out of town for a fellowship at the Stadler Center for Poetry!

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