Levi Gaidos

Photo of Levi with glasses, red hair, and a blue sweatshirt

Levi Gaidos

Design Intern



  • Major: Visual Communication Design
  • Minors: Music, Media and Enterprise, Fashion and Retail

Levi is very interested in all mediums of art, primarily print media, music, and sculpture. He loves creating weird and kind of grotesque things as well as satirical content. As a Design Intern at UAS, Levi says it has been amazing working here and getting to be a part of some great events like the Juneteenth celebration and the Columbus Commons events.

In his free time, Levi mostly makes music, designs fun posters, hangs out with friends, and watches bad reality TV. He is passionate about creating meaningful and impactful art, as well as making sure others feel heard.

Levi's words to live by are “It'll happen, then it will have happened.” He says that even if you think what’s going on will never end, everything will have its end. Time goes on and everything ends, good or bad.