Madeline Vogelmeier

A woman with shoulder-length blonde hair and glasses smiles at the camera.

Madeline Vogelmeier

Exhibitions Intern


  • Major: Studio Art w/ Painting and Drawing emphasis
  • Minors: Arts Entrepreneurship, Art History

Madeline works as an Exhibitions Intern at UAS, and her favorite thing has been learning all the behind-the scenes work that goes into having a successful and engaging exhibit that serves as a source of inspiration and deeper thinking for visitors.

Recently, Madeline has been interested in collage and experimenting with various kinds of mixed media in one piece of art, usually in an abstract form, because she says it allows for a really great visual depth that keeps you looking for a long time.

Madeline loves cooking and baking in her free time, and she feels like she is always reading whenever she has a free minute. She is also passionate about family, friendships, and finding ways to create in whatever form she can.

Madeline recommends surrounding yourself with the energy that makes you a better, happier person, and to surround others with that same energy.