Hybrid Arts Lab: One Voice, One Message

October 8, 2020

Hybrid Arts Lab: One Voice, One Message

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Dear Friends, 

Over the past six weeks, over 30 different groups exhibited, performed, held classes and experimented throughout our Hybrid Arts Lab locations including Stillman Hall Tent, Hopkins Hall Gallery, and our online venue, UAS From Home. Passers-by have discovered art-making in progress across campus and online as projects—lasting from a few hours to a few weeks—reveal themselves. Over the next six weeks, there will be more. Artists remain an inspiration, and the exhibitions and projects presented reflect the hope and strength we find in art through objects, drawings, photographs, performative interventions, videos and documentation—Hybrid Arts Lab is designed to capture and circulate these moments and invite viewers to reflect and connect. Moreover, it asks us to reflect on how we define current times, and on what art can—or should—do today.
This week, Hybrid Arts Lab presents a selection of photos by Joshua Edmonds in “One Voice, One Message: Black Lives Matter,” in Hopkins Hall Gallery from October 5-20, see below for more information. Late October will bring SURFACE/SKIN/SIGHT: WE ARE ALL FOREIGNERS; a collaborative effort between student artists working in the digital and analog, photography and sculpture, led by assistant professor of art Gina Osterloh. Stay tuned and check our website for weekly content, programming and updates!

Finally, we are opening the next round of Hybrid Arts Lab project proposals, please visit our website and proposal form for more information.

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One Voice, One Message: Black Lives Matter 

Esther Pittinger, Writing Intern, Urban Arts Space & Hopkins Hall Gallery

It is impossible for the art we create to exist within a vacuum. Whether intentionally or not, everything we create reflects the world and society we live in; and in a world that seems tumultuous of late, perhaps it is best to embrace that reflective quality.

On May 25th, 2020, George Floyd was killed by a police officer while lying on the ground with the officer’s knee crushing his throat. The video of this event went viral, inspiring protests across the country and the world.

In the protests that followed, Joshua Edmonds spent nights alternatively protesting along with others in Columbus and documenting these protests through photography. His photographs show the people, the signs, the art, and the reactions in Downtown Columbus to the continued acts of police brutality.
Edmonds’ work shows the resolve of the Columbus community to speak together with one voice, sharing one message: Black Lives Matter.

One Voice, One Message: Black Lives Matter, the exhibition of these photographs, will be exhibited in Hopkins Hall Gallery from October 5th – October 20th. The photographs and documentation of this exhibition will also be shared online on the Urban Arts Space website.

This exhibition is part of a larger project, The HeART of Protest. In this project, about 30 Columbus organizations, led by The King Arts Complex, are showcasing 46 non-sequential days of artistic protest to honor the 46 years that George Floyd lived before his life was cut short.

If you are interested in looking at other events that are part of this project, visit The King Arts’ Complex website here.

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